Organizing Services for
Home, Closet, Office, and Relocation



For starters, Sylvia and Deb are awesome!!! Professional, warm, fun, delightful and "masters of their trade". The thought of moving again within a two-year period was overwhelming to say the least! I knew that I would be okay because I could call on them. They helped me with my first move and made my life and apartment organized, clutter free and brought in closet systems that I would never have dreamed of. Everything that they did was wonderful. If possible, the second time around was even better as I had more space but didn't know what to do with it. They came in and helped me unpack, put things in proper places and set up closets and organizing systems that made sense.

Sandy Deutsch

New York, NY

The daunting prospect of moving out of a house in which I had raised a family and lived for nearly 40 years absolutely paralyzed me! The ShipShape people really shined. They did all the packing in record time with energy and good humor, and they even helped me unpack at the other end. I am the only person I know who has no moving horror stories. And that's thanks to ShipShape.

Judy Brady

San Francisco, CA




ShipShape treated my business as if it were their own. What more can a store owner hope for. They freed me up to be in the store with my customers instead of handling administrative nightmares. ShipShape is my “dream team.”

Markham Wilson

Oakland, Ca




Deb and Sylvia are masters of the organization trade!! They are both creative in making the best out of small spaces and inventing systems that help organize the papers that keep piling up. We also used their services to help us with our cross-country move. We could not have done it without them. Now that we live in New York, we continue to use ShipShape to organize our lives here in the East.

The Stevenson Meyer Family

New Paltz, New York




I thought Deborah and Sylvia were“miracle workers” when they organized my tax materials after a messy divorce. However, they have proven to be even more invaluable as I establish my consulting practice. Through their efforts my business life is as organized as my personal life.

Barbara J. Thomson

Employment Consultant

Barbara J. Thomson and Associates

San Francisco, CA




They’re diplomatic, and they have a great sense of humor! I’ve used them at my office and at home. They’re also creative. When they organized my closets, they designed a layout that really works for me.

Faith Ginsberg

New Line Entertainment

Los Angeles, CA

ShipShape has helped my consulting business grow from a home-based sole proprietorship to an office-based business with 5 staff members. Moving from the home to an office, ShipShape helped set up systems to accommodate a growing staff and a growing list of clients. ShipShape's staff have been delightful to work with and provided the right amount of personal and professional support. I would highly recommend them to organize any size office or business.

Sarah E. Samuels, DrPH

Samuels & Associates

Oakland, CA




Shipshape is simply fantastic. They are smart, productive and resourceful. They took my one bedroom apartment and created storage spaces for everything. It was functional and beautiful. They understand that ultimately any change must work for your life. But most important, they LISTEN and then they DELIVER!!

Lynne Roberts

New York, NY




Thanks to ShipShape, our house has become organized from top to bottom...our home office, our closets, our kitchen, and our storage room. Working with Deb and Sylvia has been a pleasure, and we can enthusiastically recommend them to anyone who wants to get their homes or offices in order.

Christine Russell

Mark Schlesinger

San Francisco, CA




Over the years, Ship Shape has consistently created order from chaos -- whether by filing mountains of receipts, finding a home for wayward books, or converting a garage piled to the rafters with detritus into a place of functional storage. It is amazing how having these things taken care of can clear one's schedule and mind, and in the process enhance an overall feeling of calm, clarity, and productivity.

Deborah Bishop

San Francisco, CA




My life was over. Bleakly, I contemplated a future in debtor's prison or the pillory. Then, on the horizon, I sensed a glimmer of light approaching. Two women atop giant, winged horses appeared. A pennant streamed from the lance one bore - "SHIPSHAPE," it read. "Fear not, for we shall save you!" cried Deb and Sylvia. As they organized and filed I was filled with a new hope. I saw a future that included a balanced checkbook, bills paid on time, important papers locatable. An so it has been, lo these 16 years.

Tom McIntyre

San Francisco, CA

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